#06 Let’s Embrace Kids with Special Needs- Arielle Hobbs, Founder of PRIDE Inclusive Sports


When Arielle Hobbs tried to find activities for her non-verbal and intellectually disabled son, Sully, she was humiliated, frustrated, and out of options. Like any good Mama bear (or maybe lioness in this case?), Arielle began to dig deep to find resources for Sully. She discovered that the options were disappointing and limited. Arielle knew that she would have to create a more acceptable option for her kid and others like him. Thinking totally out of the box, Arielle has created Pride Inclusive Sports which provides a trained youth volunteer or “buddy” from their “Lion League,” for children with special needs to participate in ANY activity they choose! This work is ground-breaking and so important for all parents to be aware of. We can’t wait to share Arielle’s story with you!

Learn more here:

Pride Inclusive Sports 

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