#03 Hope After Childhood Abuse- An Interview with Krista Wilbur

*Be advised, this content may not be suitable for children.*

Krista Wilbur, author of the book Four Letter Words, shares her story of healing and hope after surviving the pain of sexual trauma. This episode will be eye-opening, tear-jerking but surprising very uplifting.  For all of us, this is an opportunity to understand more about this phenomenon that is affecting 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys. We are also given insights on how to detect whether this could be happening to a child we know. Krista is a beautiful picture of wisdom, strength and compassion. We are so honored to have had her on our show. You can follow her on her blog at: www.kristaonpurpose.com .

Contact Krista: krista.wilbur@outlook.com

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