#18 Perspective, Belonging, Staying Connected

Today we will hear a question from one of our listeners, asking how we recommend she cope with a big change in her life. We are so excited to start this new component of our show and would love for you to join in! Visit our Facebook page and let us know what challenges you are trying to overcome in your life. We’d love to feature you on our show!


Brene Brown’s new book, Braving the Wilderness

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#17 It’s Season 2, We’re Back!

Susan and Jaclyn are back with Mountains are for Moving! This episode, the hosts share their experience as working moms and how to deal with “mom guilt.” Jaclyn has re-launched her career as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Susan has lots of exciting developments with Austin Angels.

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#16 Love Thy Neighbor- with Author Erin MacPherson

Inspired by a Facebook post written by author Erin MacPherson, Susan and Jaclyn talk about how we can be kind to our immigrant neighbors. We will also consider why there is so much fear around immigration.

Topics Discussed

Erin’s Blue Ribbon Project and Know Your Rights Resources

To understand more about the concept of “scarcity,” check this out by Brene Brown

Understanding the Downfall of the Rust Belt

Why Don’t They Just Get In Line?

Facts About Illegal Immigration in the US- Pew Research

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#15 The Super Bowl & Human Trafficking: What We Can Do This Weekend and Beyond. Interview with Juliana Williams of In Our Backyard

Book by In Our Backyard founder by Nita Belles

A must listen before Super Bowl Sunday! Juliana Williams, Program Manager at In Our Backyard, shares about the realities of Human Trafficking in our nation and how you can help, right now in just a few seconds. I hope you join the Thunderclap this Super Bowl Sunday!

Check-out these links from the episode:

In Our Backyard

Pornified: How Pornography is Damaging Our Lives, Our Relationships, and Our Families

Take the Slavery Footprint Survey

Fight the New Drug


#14 The Inauguration and Creating Unity: Discussion with Jaclyn Snyder and Susan Ramirez

Photo Cred: The Bridge Initiative of Georgetown University

We’re back after a month long Holiday hiatus and we’re back in a big way by tackling the topic of our new President and how our nation’s unity must start with us.

Here are some links from topics we discuss this episode:

Poll: Americans Prefer Low Prices to Items ‘Made in the USA’

Rise Up by Andra Day

Women’s March

Practical Minimalists Podcast

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#13 Dare to Dream Party: Reflecting on 2016 and Our Hopes for 2017

A fun and also deep conversation with Jaclyn, Susan and some friends about our biggest challenges and wins of 2016. We also share what our hopes are for 2017. This is a fun, touching and inspiring episode you don’t want to miss!

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#12 A Mission of Love to the Strip Clubs of Austin- Interview with Brenda Hughes of First Love

Brenda Hughes is not your typical “church lady,” with an edgy undercut and sleeves of tattoos, but this is what the employees and performers of Austin-area strip clubs have endearingly named her. Multiple times a year, Brenda and her small team, dive into the world of exotic dancing to bring a message of love. She never overtly talks about Jesus unless prompted. She is there simply to show that no one is too far into darkness to be reached with love and light. This episode is a very candid conversation that contains some mild swearing and we are talking about strip clubs sooo…. keep that in mind if you listen with your kiddos around.

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#11 A Slow and Intentional Christmas: Interviews with The Fickel Family, Kristine Gonzales and Stacie Haskins

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Photo Cred: Stacie Haskins at KindnessOverCoolness.com (Processed by Jaclyn with VSCO with t1 preset)
Just a few of the beautiful families from our Wild Explorers Club

Now that we’re in the thick of the holiday season, let’s glean from the wisdom of some parents who have been intentionally slowing down to make this a meaningful season with their families. With Susan Ramirez being up to her neck in the wonderful work of Austin Angels this week, Jaclyn Snyder flies solo this episode to bring you a mini-podcast with big impact. We can’t wait to hear how this episode inspires you and we really want to hear what YOU do to make the holidays meaningful!

Mentioned in this episode:

Operation Christmas Child

Wild Explorers Club

Austin Angels Love Box Program for Foster Families

Kindness Over Coolness Blog by Stacie Haskins Follow her Instagram @kindnessovercoolness

Slow and Sacred Advent with Jennifer Naraki

Anna’s Toy Depot in Austin, TX

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift: A Family Celebration of Christmas by Ann Voscamp

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#10 Hanging with Jen Hatmaker at the Giving Tuesday Fundraiser for Austin Angels

Listen to our first LIVE episode with our very special guest, Jen Hatmaker, as we fundraise for Austin Angels on Giving Tuesday! We talk about New Year’s Resolutions and the amazing things that can happen when you follow your dreams. You will also hear interviews with a young man whose life has been greatly impacted by Austin Angels and two former foster parents. Thank you for listening! Please donate to Austin Angels today!


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#09 A Post-Election Thanksgiving Survival Guide with Jaclyn Snyder and Susan Ramirez



As if family gatherings weren’t difficult enough, now we are launched into the holidays right smack in the middle of a tumultuous political season. Jaclyn Snyder, M.S. Clinical Psychology, will put her therapist hat on for this episode and provide some hope for smooth sailing this Thanksgiving. We hope you find these insights and tools useful as you find yourself surrounded by loved-ones who may not share your views. Please let us know if this was helpful for you and if you have any other ideas that may help others through this time. We love to hear from you!

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